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Best Survival Arena TD Hacks for Android and iOS

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Get Survival Arena cheats, tips and tricks to make your gaming experience a lot more fun, and a whole lot easier.

Survival Arena: Tower Defense is a mobile game available on Android and iOS that has gained serious popularity and a huge following throughout the world thanks to its awesome graphics, fun pirates, and unique gameplay.

Did I mention pirates? The game has some of the coolest pirates in gaming history.

In fact, the game is so good that some people even say it’s addictive, and that it’s also a great time killer.

Survival Arena is basically a game about surviving for as long as possible.

To survive, you have to build, customize and upgrade an arsenal of powerful towers to keep your enemies at bay for a few minutes, or for as long as you possibly can.

When other players start attacking you or stealing your stuff, it’s time to get physical.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is ending up with a really high score. So don’t get down when enemies get past your defenses and kill you, because that’s a normal part of the game and you can easily turn things around as the game progresses.

Surviving won’t be easy, that’s for sure, but trying to survive will be incredibly fun even if you’re not able to make it.

List of Best Survival Arena Hacks, Tips and Tricks

With our list of Survival Arena TD cheats, tips, and tricks you’ll be able to master the game, get higher scores, and beat your friends every time you play.

#1 Complete all the available tasks

This is perhaps the most basic and simple tip, but if you apply it diligently it will get you really far in the game.

Completing tasks will get you more cards, and more cards will allow you to become more powerful, as simple as that.

When you start playing the game you’ll be asked to complete simple tasks such as building and upgrading towers. Each time you complete a task you’ll get new cards.

Pro Tip: Complete all tasks to unlock the Ultimate Challenge, which obviously offers bigger rewards.

#2 Organize defenses strategically

In order to prevent enemies from reaching your Extractor, you have to organize your defenses strategically.

Organize your defenses in a way that makes it really difficult for enemies to get through.

In other words, make them run as much as possible.

Make a maze out of your arsenal and they’ll have a much harder time reaching your Extractor. Believe me, this works very well.

The longer your labyrinth is, the more damage you’ll be able to inflict on enemy units.

#3 Combine your cards for better results

You can inflict a lot more damage by simply combining your cards.

Cards can be used together in several different ways, be creative and use your intuition to deal as much damage as you possibly can.

For example, you can combine your towers with ammo to slow down enemy troops and then blow them up.

#4 Upgrade during battle

Upgrading a tower is better than building a new one when you’re in a battle.

During battles, upgrading costs less and it’s also more effective.

#5 Buy chests from the shop

This is probably one of the most effective cheats you’ll find on this list, it’s probably the easiest one too.

However, it will set you back a few dollars, because you can’t get chests from the shop for free.

If you buy chests at the shop you’ll get a huge amount of loot that you can instantly use to boost your firepower.

#6 Don’t forget to use your heroes

Heroes can help you win battles quickly, by learning how to use them effectively you can easily destroy enemy towers with just a couple of hits.

Heroes are incredibly easy to control, simply select your hero and then tap to attack enemies or move in order to get out of danger.

You can use your hero to cause damage or destroy enemy towers during duels.

In duel mode, you’ll have to battle human opponents, so this part of the game is all about strategy. Use your heroes wisely and you’ll make the most out of every confrontation.

In my opinion, the best way to use your hero during a battle is to wait for your units to spawn and then use them to engage your enemies with a powerful attack.

If you do this correctly, you’ll be able to destroy enemy towers with your hero very easily because they’ll be busy trying to take out your units.

#7 Complete the hardest tasks first

This one is pretty straightforward, simply complete the hardest tasks as soon as you can to get better chests, thus better cards.

Some tasks require you to use your brain a little bit more, so even if you feel tempted, don’t be lazy, don’t procrastinate, just do what you have to do in order to get those larger chests and you’ll find rare cards that will take your game to the next level.

#8 Upgrade or Build

When you start playing the game, you don’t have enough towers, and the ones you have are very weak. You can easily fix this problem by building new towers or upgrading existing ones, that’s up to you.

However, being successful in Survival Arena really depends on how much you’ve upgraded your tower cards. That’s why, as I mentioned earlier, it’s generally more effective to upgrade existing towers instead of building new ones.

If you don’t level up your towers, you will get destroyed very easily and also very quickly when you’re in a sudden death match. Upgrading any of your towers by at least one level will make all the difference in the world, because you’ll be able to dish out a lot more damage.

Upgrade and build, or build and upgrade, both work, but I would concentrate on upgrading first if I were you.

#9 Plan your strategy

Always plan first. Learn how everything works, and then learn how to place your pieces correctly.

Once you get the gist of it, try different combinations until you find the strategy that works best for you.

#10 Practice, Practice, Practice

They say practice makes perfect. In this game the old adage rings true.

You can test new strategies without spending tournament tickets by playing in practice mode.

Practice mode allows you to experiment different strategies in a real battle setting, but you won’t have to waste tickets or lose valuable points while you’re at it.

#11 Claim free supply chests

You can claim a free supply chest every now and then.

Within these free chests you’ll find all kinds of goodies like skyshards, tournament tickets, lock-picks, regular cards, and more.

Don’t forget to claim your free chests as soon as they’re available, because you can’t have more than two in queue at the same time.

#12 Join a clan

Join clans to make friends in Survival Arena.

By doing this, you will be able to rise faster in the leaderboards, and you’ll maybe even get a few free cards here and there from other players that actually want to help you out.

That’s it. Use these cheats, tips, and tricks wisely to rise up the ranks in record time.

You can also get a few more tips at Game Insight’s Support site, make sure to check it out.

Now back to you. What are you favorite Survival Arena cheats?

If you know any that aren’t on the list, please email them to us and we’ll gladly add them here.

What do you think?

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