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The Ultimate Soul Knight Tips and Tricks Guide

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Get the best Soul Knight cheats, tips and tricks right here, so you can make progress faster in the game, and also have a better time while playing it.

Soul Knight is a mobile game developed by Chilly Room – a Japanese game publisher known for making amazing games – that’s quickly become one of the most popular top-down shooter games for Android and iOS.

The game currently boasts more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and just about the same number of downloads in the Apple App Store. Plus, it has received 5-star reviews from thousands of users on both platforms.

In this game, the objective is to recover the Magical Stone that keeps the world in balance, which has been stolen by highly advanced aliens trying to conquer our planet.

If you like playing games in which chaos reigns and fast thinking is required, then Soul Knight is where it’s at.

Soul Knight is well known among mobile gamers for its fast-paced, innovative, and extremely fun gameplay, as well as its difficulty due to the high volume of bullets coming in from every direction.

The game, as described by the developers back at the, goes like this:

Explore the dungeon, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot’em all up! Extremely easy and intuitive control; super smooth and enjoyable gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements. Best shooter game you will find on the mobile store so far.

According to many gaming fans, including me, Soul Knight is just as good as the developers claim it is. So, in my humble opinion, it is definitely one of the best shooter games currently available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store as well.

Be prepared though, because this game is not as easy as you would expect it to be, sure it’s a simple shooter game, but you have to think and move really fast in order to dodge bullets, take out enemies, and recover the magical stone that will restore balance to the world.

Although the game’s difficulty is quite high, you don’t have to worry about a thing, because these tips and tricks guide will help you master the game almost immediately.

Unlike most mobile games released recently, there are a few Soul Knight cheat codes that you can actually use to get a lot of orbs and unlock more characters without getting killed over a million times.

Secret Soul Knight Cheat Codes

If you enter these secret codes you will get more than one thousand orbs, so make sure to take advantage of them, and also put them to good use.

This is what you have to do:

Navigate to the menu of your phone and launch the app by simply tapping on its icon.

You should now see the settings button on the login screen. Press on the “Settings” button and a new window will open up.

Tap the “Secret” button at the top of the screen to enter one of the following codes:

  • 100000
  • DRUIDgives
  • TFFT

If you enter “SKGIFT” you will get 500 orbs, enter “SKNIGHT” and you’ll get 488 orbs, and, if you enter “100000” I really don’t know what will happen, because this is the only secret code that I haven’t tried yet.

Update: One of our readers used it and says that the last secret code on this list will get you almost 1000 orbs. So, if they all do work, you will get 2000 orbs or more for free, which is simply amazing, don’t you think?

These cheat codes will help you get a lot of orbs, which will in turn allow you to get better weapons and increase your abilities to become a more powerful player.

According to another reader, the following cheat codes also work, and will allow you to get more health, weapons, ammo, increase attack damage, etc.

Additional secret codes:

  • Get more gold: bu3YcN
  • How to instantly increase attack damage: C21mKo
  • How to unlock new locations: JipxQl
  • How to play offline: PLsW6a
  • Restore character’s health: VE2Xzx
  • Secret boost: klT9C0
  • Get unlimited energy and ammo: QPjKnR
  • Unlock all weapons: u92SbI

Honestly, I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I thought you might want to give them a try. If they do work, well, great, more power to you.

But, if they do not work, don’t get discouraged, there are still a few things you can do before throwing in the towel.

Just use the guide below to quickly master the game. Simply follow the steps in each lesson and you’ll basically become invincible.

Soul Knight Tips and Tricks Guide

Our list of tips and tricks below will allow you to learn and practice some of the most advanced techniques in the game.

You will learn the kind of stuff only the pros know about, so get ready and start learning!

#1 Try the mage

Use the mage to unleash a lightning strike that will instantly kill your enemies. But don’t forget that this type of attack is only capable of quickly taking out normal enemies, not bosses, so whatever you do, don’t try this on a boss because you’ll probably end up getting wasted.

#2 Use the Assassin

The assassin is probably one of the best characters, because it’s bulletproof and has a much longer invincibility span than other popular heroes in the game, such as the Rogue, for example.

The assassin has a truly unique set of skills that makes him really dangerous, make sure to try him out at least once in your lifetime to see what he’s capable of.

Although he is pricey, he’s totally worth it.

#3 Use the Rogue

The Rogue is another favorite in the Soul Knight universe.

The Rogue is not as expensive as the Assassin, in fact, it’s one of the cheapest characters to unlock, and it has a pretty unique combat roll that upgrades every second, which gives you quite an edge when you’re facing bosses.

Although the Rogue is pretty amazing in his own right, if you ever have to choose between the Assassin and the Rogue, go for the Assassin. He’s still the best.

#4 Use melee weapons as a defense tool

Fast melee weapons will allow you to block bullets if used intelligently.

You can use melee weapons to protect yourself from bullets fired from any weapon.

This trick is especially helpful when you’re facing off against bosses, because they like to come at you with weapons that spray lots of bullets.

#5 The Vulcan rifle advantage

Use the Vulcan rifle to take out bosses from a distance.

Don’t forget to attach the scope onto the rifle, otherwise, you won’t be able to zoom in, which will decrease your accuracy significantly.

#6 Get SMG Grenades

Buy SMG grenades as soon as you can.

SMG grenades allow you to deal a lot of damage and take out bosses pretty quickly.

You can also use SMG grenades to wipe out hordes of enemies almost instantly.

To make the most out of these grenades simply hold down the fire button and quickly release it every millisecond.

This technique will allow you to basically spray grenades all over your enemies in order to get more kills faster.

#7 Unlock the chest early on

This is a super powerful tip, because if you apply it, you will be able to start every game with a common weapon.

Each time you enter a dungeon, you’ll have a common weapon in your hand, which will obviously give you an upper hand over your opponents.

You can purchase the chest for a one-time fee of 1000 gems. Just get it, I know you’ll thank me later.

#8 Always use equipment

Now that you’ve unlocked the chest, you can start every single dungeon with a weapon.

Although the weapon they give you at the start of each dungeon sucks, it’s still a lot better and safer than going in without a gun.

Get rid of the common weapon only if and when you’re able to get a more powerful gun.

Got cheats?

If you know more cheat codes and tips you might want to add to this list, please send them to us and we’ll gladly include them here.

Now back to you, what are your favorite Soul Knight cheats?

Let us know in the comments section below!

What do you think?

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