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Here you’ll get the best Jurassic World Evolution cheats, as well as countless tips and tricks that will help you take your gaming experience to the next level.

Although Jurassic World Evolution just came out about a month ago, there are already many hard core gamers out there who have started finding exploits and weaknesses that you can take advantage of to make the game more interesting.

As you probably already know, Jurassic World Evolution is a business simulation game, as well as a park simulator available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, in which you have to create and build your own dinosaur park.

You will be running your own show right from the start, so you’ll be responsible for making new dinosaurs, attracting more tourists and making more money every single day, keeping security in check, and more.

Since Jurassic World Evolution is a simulation game, don’t be surprised when you start seeing videos on YouTube of players modding and hacking the game.

Let’s face it, being able to use cheat codes and other tricks simply makes the game more fun, easier to play, and a lot more exciting. If you enable cheats, you’ll basically be able to do whatever you want to do, but it might get you in trouble.

Keep in mind that using hacks could get you banned immediately, and you could also experience issues while playing offline or online with other players.

Frontier Developments, the company behind the game, explicitly says that they will and cannot be held responsible for any problems or performance issues caused due to using cheat trainers.

Also, Cheats.Guide is not responsible for problems that might occur shall you decide to use them.

That’s why we strongly recommend our readers not to use them.

Despite all that, we’re still going to show you how to access and use all the available cheats that are currently available on the PC version of the game.

Also, don’t expect to find Jurassic World Evolution cheats for PS4 or Xbox One in here, because there’s no way to add or use cheat trainers on gaming consoles yet.

Jurassic World Evolution Cheats

You are probably looking for Jurassic World Evolution cheat codes because you don’t want to go through all the hoops and hassles of starting your own park from scratch.

However, even if you’re using hacks, you will still have to start playing the game from the beginning just like everyone else, and you’ll also have to complete all the missions in order to advance and make progress in the game.

One thing is for sure, things will be a whole lot easier, and you will make progress a whole lot faster if you use a good cheat trainer that allows you to tweak the game however you want.

Keep in mind that modding PC games such as Jurassic World Evolution, can cause problems, performance issues and bugs, so be vary wary when using cheat trainers to enhance your gaming experience.

Of course, there are simple hacks that don’t require you to mod the game in order to use them, such as driving at top speed for 20 seconds or more continuously to unlock the red Jeep skin for your ranger station, or, performing several stunts in your personal vehicle to unlock additional skins.

Although those are really good tips, I’m sure that’s not the type of information that you’re actually looking for. If that’s the case, continue reading below to find out how to actually hack this game on PC.

How-To Cheat on Jurassic World Evolution

If you wan to add real cheats to Jurassic World Evolution, you will have to download a good cheat trainer.

There are many cheat trainers out there promising unlimited everything, 5-star islands, and more. But, we’ve found these two to be the best free ones:


These cheat trainers will allow you to get infinite money, perform fast research, fast expedition, fast hatch, get max dinosaur stats, infinite feeders, max rating, fast construction, no sabotage, no disease, no storm, no thirst, no hunger, GodMode, infinite power, unlimited resources, and more.

If these are not enough for you, you can find even more cheat trainers for Jurassic World Evolution by simply using a good search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Once you’ve select the cheat trainer you want to use, all you have to do is download it, and you’ll be able to start adding cheats in the game immediately.

Best Jurassic World Evolution Hacks

Find out which are the best Jurassic World Evolution hacks and how they can help you below:

Jurassic World Evolution Infinite Money Cheat

Using the unlimited money cheat is one of the best decisions that you’ll ever make, because you’ll be able to get all the money you need to make whatever you want, whenever you want.

Having unlimited money will basically allow you to build the dinosaur park you’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll also be able to use that money to help other players in the game.

Jurassic World Evolution Max Dinosaur Stats

If you keep the stats of your dinosaurs high, you’ll make them happier and stronger, which in turn will allow you to make more money because you’ll keep your guests highly entertained.

With the max dinosaur stats cheat you will always keep their stats at the highest level, so you’ll always have the kind of dinosaurs guests love to watch.

No Hunger and No Thirst

The title is pretty self explanatory. By adding these two hacks your dinosaurs will not get hungry or thirsty, so they’ll always be happy.

Instant Research, Expedition and Hatch

This hack will allow you to complete researches, expeditions and hatches instantly, which will allow you to make progress in the game faster.

Jurassic World Evolution PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cheats

Unfortunately, you cannot use Jurassic World Evolution cheats on PS4 or Xbox One, because the only way to use hacks in this game is by downloading and installing a cheat trainer, and as you probably already know, you cannot use cheat trainers on these platforms and consoles.

However, if the makers of the game choose to enable modding and cheating on consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One, you may be able to add and use these cheats in the near future. But don’t get too excited just yet, because they haven’t even said that this could be a possibility in the near future.

Still not satisfied? Want more?

If you don’t want to use a cheat trainer to add cheats to Jurassic World Evolution, or, if you’re playing the game on a console like the PS4 or the Xbox One, use the guide below to learn the best tips and tricks.

Jurassic World Evolution Tricks and Tips Guide

Although these tips and tricks may seem simple and basic at first, they will actually get you very far in the game if you use them wisely.

#1 Complete All Main Missions in Each Island

If you complete the main mission in each island, you’ll unlock new things, and you’ll also learn important stuff that will be useful for you on other islands.

Make sure you complete the main mission on every island before moving on to the next one, otherwise, you’ll miss out on a lot of goodies that you’ll probably need on future missions.

#2 Build a Good Reputation

Build an impeccable reputation on all three divisions (entertainment, science, and security division) to make progress in the game easily and quickly.

Don’t forget that all three divisions are equally important, so work hard on each one of them.

#3 Build the Monorail Before Anything Else

If you build the monorail track first, you won’t have to demolish buildings and facilities later, because you’ll be able to organize everything efficiently right from the start.

Follow this advice and you will never have to demolish a building or a facility in order to build your monorail track, because you will only start building facilities and new buildings after laying the tracks for the monorail system of your park.

Demolishing and then building new construction is time consuming and ridiculously expensive, so you must avoid it at all costs.

#4 Use the Struthiomimus at the beginning to make money

When you start building your first park, at the beginning of the game, you don’t have money, and making those first few bucks can take a really long time.

You can make money fast by getting a couple of Struthiomimus when you’re just starting out, they’re easy to create, they’re affordable, and most importantly, they’re productive, which is what actually matters the most.

#5 Don’t add new dinosaurs to your park until you do this

Before introducing new dinosaurs into your park, you first have to go to the research center to do a little bit of – you guessed it – research!

Once you’ve found cures to all the potential diseases that your new dinosaur might carry, allow the dinosaur to enter the park.

If you don’t follow this particular guideline, you are putting your park at risk, because a disease might break out, and many of your dinosaurs could die really quickly.

Do your research, get vaccines, stay safe.

Got more hacks?

If you do, please share the with us the comments section below, or email them to us and we’ll gladly add them here.

What are your favorite Jurassic World Evolution cheats? We would really like to know!

What do you think?

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