HOI4 Cheats: 41 Best Hearts of Iron Commands That You Can Use Right Now

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Below you’ll find an updated list of all Hearts of Iron 4 commands. These commands are also known as cheat codes, and they will allow you to gain more xp, add equipment, teleport, etc.

The cool thing about HOI4 is that unlike most games, you can use codes to make your general and troops stronger. In other words, this game allows you to use cheats, which is a rare thing in the current gaming landscape.

There are over 150 HOI4 cheat codes available for the latest version of the game. To enter these commands, you will need to open the game’s console window. You can do this by simply pressing “~” on your keyboard. You can find the “~” key under the Esc key on most PC keyboards. But if you can’t find it on your computer, try opening the console window by pressing “Shift +2” or “Shift + 3” at the same time.

After opening the console window, type one of the codes below, and then press “Enter” on your keyboard to activate the cheat you wish to use.

Although there are more than 170 commands available for Hearts of Iron 4, we’re going to only focus on the ones that are known to work. Well, every console command works, but they’re not all equally important.

So without further ado, here are 42 HOI4 cheats that are guaranteed to help you dominate the game.

Hearts of Iron 4 Cheats and Commands List

To enable HOI4 cheats, open the console window and enter any of the commands from below.

1. help.

This command will display a list of all commands currently available in the game. You can also use it with a command as an argument to get help for a specific command. For example, enter “help add_equipment”, and you will get more detailed help for the “add_equipment” command.

2. gain_xp.

This command will add experience to your General. Simply select a leader and specify the amount of experience you want to add to that character. For example, type “gain_xp 10000”, and your general will receive ten thousand experience points.

3. research all.

The “research all” command will render all research complete.

4. manpower.

The “manpower” command adds manpower to your country. You can add as much manpower as you want. For example, type “manpower 1000”, and your country will get 1000 new soldiers.

5. ai_accept.

After executing this command, ai will accept always accept diplomacy.

6. savegame.

Executing this console command automatically saves the game.

7. add_latest_equipment 10000.

This command will add 10000 of the latest equipment in each category.

8. teleport.

The “teleport” console command activates teleporting. But don’t forget to enter a province id as well, otherwise the cheat won’t really do much. For example, type “teleport 5012”, and you will be instantly transported to province 5012.

9. annex all.

Executing the “annex all” console command will annex all countries, effectively making you the king of the world.

10. pp.

This command adds political power. Don’t forget to specify the amount of political power you wish to add. For example, if you want to add 2000 political power, type “pp 2000” into the console command window.

11. massconquer.

To open the mass conquer tool, open the console command window and type “massconquer” into it.

12. morehumans 10000.

This command adds ten thousand humans to your country. You can add as many humans as you want, just change the “10000” to whatever number you want.

13. fullscreen.

The name says it all. Enter this command to enable full screen view.

14. hsv.

Enter this command into the console to convert HSV to RGB.

15. night.

Use this command to toggle night mode on or off.

16. theatersrebuild.

Use this command to rebuild theaters. This includes new, old, and even destroyed theaters.

17. Focus.NoChecks.

The “Focus.NoChecks” command allows you to ignore focus requirements.

18. Decision.NoChecks.

The “Decision.NoChecks” command allows you to ignore decision requirements.

19. Focus.AutoComplete.

Executing the “Focus.AutoComplete” command will complete all national focuses instantly and automatically.

20. Focus.IgnorePrerequisites.

“Focus.IgnorePrerequisites” is a command that allows to ignore all focus prerequisites.

21. spawn.

This command allows you to spawn anything you want. For example, you can spawn anti-air units or artillery anywhere you want, using a command string like this one:

spawn[unit name/id][province id][amount].

22. winwars.

Executing the “winwars” command gives you the highest score, which is 100%, on all the wars you’re currently involved in.

23. instantconstruction.

The “instantconstruction” command activates the instant construction cheat. This cheat executes and completes all construction work automatically.

24. cp.

This command adds command power. You can add up to 100% command power. So, for example, if you want to add 50% command power, open the command console and type “cp 50”.

25. debug_nuking.

The “debug_nuking” command is actually one of the best HOI4 cheats in my opinion, because it allows us to nuke any territory, no matter the current conditions.

26. allowtraits.

This command is awesome too. The “allowtraits” command lets you assign general traits to your commanders.

27. st.

The “st” command allows you to add stability. For example, open the command console window and type “st 65” to add 65% stability.

28. building_health.

“building_health” lets you change the health of an existing building.

29. deleteallunits.

You can use the “deleteallunits” command to eliminate any country’s fleet or army.

30. reloadsupply.

The “reloadsupply” command is pretty self-explanatory. You can use it to reload all your supplies.

31. reloadtechnologies.

Using the “reloadtechnologies” cheat allows you to instantly and automatically reload all your technologies.

32. updateequipments.

Executing the “updateequipments” command updates and reloads all equipment files.

33. ai_invasion.

Use this cheat to authorize AI naval invasion.

34. ai.

You can use this command to enable as well disable AI.

35. fow.

The “fow” command lets you turn off fog of war completely, or turn it on. You can also enter a province ID next to the “fow” command to enable or disable fog of war for that specific location.

36. moveunit.

“moveunit” is very useful, because it lets you move your units to any province you wish. Open the command console window and enter the moveunit command plus the ID of the unit you want to move, and the ID of the province to which you want to move it to.

37. spawnactor.

Use this command to spawn an actor in any province. Don’t forget to add the name of the actor and province ID next to the “spawnactor” command in the console.

38. reloadweather.

Use the “reloadweather” command to reload weather.

39. goto_province.

This command takes you to the specified province immediately.

40. goto_state.

This command instantly takes you to the specified state.

41. resign.

Finally, if you’re bored and tired of fighting, you can execute the “resign” command to resign from your position.

Extra HOI4 Cheat

Use the add_equipment command with an specified amount and equipment name to add anything from support equipment to tanks to mountains.

To activate this cheat run the following command string: “add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]”

Try it yourself, simply use one or more from the list below:

  • Infantry Equipment III
  • Fighter I
  • Light Tank II
  • Grosstraktor
  • Super Heavy Tank
  • Strategic Bomber I
  • Support Equipment
  • Tactical Bomber I
  • Towed Anti-Tank
  • Towed Anti-Air
  • Rocket Artillery
  • Modern Tank
  • Close Air Support I
  • Heavy Fighter

And more…

Have any other HOI4 cheats or tips you would like to share? If you do, please share them with us in the comments below, or send them to us via email and we’ll gladly add them here.

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